5b's .Walk

START: Water point (sea, lake, canal, etc.) Start a song

1) Listen to one song. At the end of the song turn at the next right.

2) Go to the closest tree. Perform a U-Turn.

3) Turn right at the next street.




We performed our walk before we realized we had to repeat for an hour - hence no repetition.

Group 5a performed 5b`s .walk

When we saw the instruction this morning, it was more than three so we decided to choose only three out of all the instructions and repeat it for a hour.

1. Find the closest tree and perform a `U` turn.

2. Run until you see someone wearing a red garment (running was abit too much to do for a hour,so we walked instead.

3.Turn to the left on the next street.

Our starting point is near the information centret.


We found our closest tree to perform U-turn.


We found someone wearing a red jacket


Then we found another person wearing a red scarf



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