Six things about the course

Six things about the course

Assignment #4
I recorded this audio fragment on the bicycle way from Riisskov to Aarhus.
I was really impressed by the crows and the magical atmosphere of the place.
Few seconds later, this kind of peace was broken by the train noise.
After the chaos, the peace has been restored again.
I love to identify places through peculiar sounds.

R.Murray Schafer
The music of the Environment
I like the idea of "urban/environment sound" as a music, as life of the city.


Dead pixel in Google Earth.

assignment #1 Personal wiki page
assignment #2 Subjective map
assignment #3 Hybrid space
assignment #4 Audio-Stand
assignment #5 a.walk
assignment #6 mis-guide

Except for the 1st assignment (presentation), i think, they are pieces of a sort of "puzzle".
You could see the city, you could live the city from different point of view.
The eyesight is not the only way to enjoy and fell the city.

assignment #4 Audio-Stand
assignment #5 a.walk

In my opinion they are a good way to explore new places, have fun and stimulate your creativity.

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