Group 6b

6b Walk algorithm

1st street, turn right
2nd street turn left
3rd street, look at your watch
if "minutes" are odd turn left
if "minutes" are even, turn right

This is how the walk turned out, executed from a random place in down-town Århus


Group 6a; experience

We performed group 6b's .walk monday the 12th of April at 11 o'clock with our starting point beeing Mejlgade.

All in all it was a fun experience that gave us a somewhat novel glance and impression of Århus.
The .walk was very varied in the sense that we didn't do any back tracking - this was great.

On the rute we encountered severel places were we had to make a choice. A choice that had to call upon a more flexible understanding of the .walk's instuctions. Sometimes the roads simply did not fit the instructions.

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