Accessing online texts

A guide on how to access the readings that are found online and where you are blocked from accessing it.

With regards to the SAGE texts, you can get them in two ways:

  • if you are at the university network (for instance with your laptop or if you're at one of the university computers) you can just click the link provided as SAGE figures out that you're on the right network and thus allowed free access.
  • if you are at home, you can use Statsbiblioteket to get access. Go to Electronic Journals here: Type in the name of the journal ("Space and Culture" for de Souza e SIlva's text or "Visual Communication for Manovich) or the ISSN as provided in the Semester plan. When you click the journal to go to its website, you will be prompted for your Statsbibliotek access codes (CPR and password). They are identical to the ones you use when taking out books from the Library of Aesthetics. After successful ID procedure, you can now simply navigate the back issues of the journal on SAGE's website.
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