Alessia Vidili

I'm Alessia, i'm 25. I come from Sardinia (Italy), but i'm studying interaction design in a MA in Siena.
I like music, design, art and I feel better about myself when i'm creative.
I chose this course because I think that urban space is a sort of challenge. We have the possibility to improve the relationship between interactions that exist in the urban space…interactions between people and technology, people and the enviroment, people and buildings. It's very attractive!

Assignment 2. Create a subjective map of Arhus.

I arrived here just two weeks ago…The first thing that fascinated me was to see a lot of lights. Lights come from windows and were so welcomings and warms. I found a similar sensation when i saw Arhus with sunlight (only for two days). Someone told me that to chase away the darkness danish peole light candles and the concept of the light, in general, is very important.
So long as i don't know Arhus, I try to mapping the city through my sensations, in relation to lights and the traffic of people.
Streets considered in the map are those that i know more than others.
My map is maybe too subjective but…you can reflect upon yours sensations about the city!
Besides you can reflect to how our cognition of things can change to the transition day/night.

Well, with presence of traffic and lights my sensations changes, in relation to places.

Map of sensations




Assignment 3. Find a place marked by hybrid space.


Find a place marked by hybrid space in one of the versions we’ve been through in the class on Hybrid Space (class of 2 March). Explain in max 500 words how it is a hybrid space. Include quote(s) from one/several of the readings for today and/or next week (space-place) in your argument. Document the place in pictures, video and/or sound.

Augmented Reality

Assignment 4. Make an “audio-stand”. Find a place that you find sonically interesting and communicate it to the rest of us in a soundbite; max 30 secs.


I've chosen to record a "digital" sound…a sound about a virtual city. My first choice was to record the sound of the bus and the ticket machine…but I found this virtual place, it's a demo about a 3D game. The demo show a virtual city at night…it's raining and it's possible to hear a music in the distance.
It's interesting because, when you recording a sound, it's in general related to a real place and when you make a registration you are in this place. In this case the sound is not related to a real place but to a virtual space! So i can close my eyes and immagine to be in a city.

Assignment 5. Create and perform a .walk and swap your walk with another group.


Click here to see the walk of 2a group
Alessia Vidili, Chiara Artini, Simona Conti begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Assignment 6. Create a mis-guide in order for us all to create a full Mis-guide of Aarhus.


Arhus Take Away.
Explore the city through simple steps. Your starting point is the Åstedet (Aboulevarden), a characteristic place of Arhus, in which you can reflect in front of the river.

Decide what you'll take away before to go out.
Write it on a paper like a shopping list.
You have to bring with you a block notes and a paper bag.
Take what you want (by methaporical thinking or not): the sea, the art street, ways of dressing…everything that you comes to your mind!
Find your stuff, write your sensations in a paper and put in your paper bag.
Take away and when you come home cook your dish, so…taste your city!

Key concepts that inspired my Mis Guide:

-rediscover or discover your relation with the city
-negotiation of the city by methaporical thinking
-rethink the city or the urban area, "what do cities communicate?"
-try to live the city through a physical approach ("put your sensations in the paper bag")
-You can live your city at home or in different places, above all in your memory ("potential space")

++ Reflecting on C(i)C

My “communicating (in) the city” experience.
To be answered and put on your profile as a sum-up of your portfolio.

1. what is your most memorable experience from this course? It could be with regards to readings, artworks or your assignments

Many experiences have done this course enjoyable. But if I have to choose the most pleasurable experiences these are the research to find a place marked by an hybrid space and the audio-stand assignment

2. name the text that you liked the most (or that you learned most from) (or that provoked you the most). Why?

“Sentient City Survival Kit: archaeology of the near future” Mark Shepard, because i'm interested in solution for new way of live and feel the city, above all if we think about ubiquitous perspective.
It has been a pleasure read also “From Stabilitas Loci to Mobilitas Loci: Networked Mobility and the Transformation of Place”. With new technologies we need to rethink our "sense of place". The notion of place is changing and is something like a renegotiation, because also our behaviors are modified.

3. name one thing that you have learned from the readings (or, which text did you like the most? Why?)

The renegotiation of place by networked mobility (“From Stabilitas Loci to Mobilitas Loci: Networked Mobility and the Transformation of Place”) and the concept of "Sentient City".

4. which artwork/artefact/performance presented in class did you like the most (or provoked you the most). Why?

"A Copenhagen day" Symphonie magnetophonique-Else Marie Pade, because the appearance of sound creates a nonplace. Listening the track you can imagine other places or feel the city in other ways.
I liked also performances like that of Usman Haque (Sky Ear), related to the concept of "how to make visible the invisible". It's a kind of challenge to understand how new techonologies could help us to redesign cities.

5. what was your reply to the assignments? List them all and think about how to present them – as a whole – to others; as a collection, what have they contributed with to this course?

1. Presentation of myself
2. Creation of a subjective map of Aarhus (Map of sensations)
3. Description of an hybrid space (augmented reality like example)
4. Making of an "audio-stand" (NO PLACE FOR SOUND-a sound of a virtual city)
5. Creation of an audio-stand walk
6. Creation of an Aarhus Mis-Guide (Arhus-Take Away)

I based my assignments upon some concepts:
feel a city in a different way
what the city communicate (if I never been here before)
reflect upon my sense of place and think about the different between space and place
new techonologies represent a challenge to rethink our cities
how new techonologies can help to redesign cities
it's usefull for us redesign a city techonology-based (ubiquitous computing)

6. which assignment do you find most in line with the course content? Why?

Creation of a subject map, because it was a first step to understand how rethink a city in subjective way. It's was a sort of "micro" Mis-Guide in which we've could show a different way to feel the city.
Also the research to find an hybrid space, because new techonologies are changing our behaviors and our perception of a place; and how to make an audio-stand because it's a way to feel a city through our sensations and reflect again upon the concept of space-place.

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