Subjective Map

Phone Home

by Susse Marie Riber

I discovered and came to wonder why there are still public phone around town. The public phones have been a part of the city for as long as I can remember. But we dont seem to notice or use them anymore. By now they are just a part of the streets - they are in some way invisible and secret. So I wanted to see want would happen if I called one ..
That fact is that 80 % of the danish population in the age 18-65 years have more than one mobile telephone and the average have got 3-5 old mobile telephones laying around.
It´s not that commend to use the public phone these day, probably cause to the mobile telephone-boom.
So I throught that this reflects the way we communicate now a days in the urbanspace, from a some worth different perceptive.

So this is my map - I plotted in the public phones I ran into on a normale day around town. I also tried calling some of them, but no one answered. Wonder if they will still be a part of the city in 10 years time ..


Here are a small collection of the public phones around town


Just to compare, this is a map of mobile telephone transmitters in Aarhus

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