My Group Walk: Assignment 5

Perform this walk, takes approx one hour

Walk code:
1- first left at bikes
2- walk straight passed 12 rows of trees
3- turn 270 degrees and continue walking
4- turn left at street light
5- walk past 2 no parking signs
6- walk to next red light
7- turn right
8- cross the street when you see the next mail box
9- walk until you find a red 4 door car
10- turn left when you come to construction
11- turn right at next corner store or restaurant
12- document the most expensive Item on the menu
13- walk straight
14- turn right
15- cross the street at next Hell's Kitchen sign
16- walk through a gate
17- sit on next bench or chair for 5 mins
18- turn left
19- walk straight
20- play eye spy with your group for 5 mins, without using the colour green
21- walk by a taxi
22- find the closest bus stop and find out when th next bus comes
23- walk straight
24- find a billboard
25- walk up a hill
26- turn left
27- walk straight
28- walk until you get to a fire hydrant
29- at this point you should be facing the lake at the university! If not you took a wrong turn….:P


Group 1b's Walk

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