Assignment 6: create a Mis-guide to Aarhus

This is an individual assignment, but you will work with others to refine your contribution to the guide.

In the spirit of Wrights & Sites Mis-guide to Anywhere and in the spirit of Pinder’s pledge to “rediscover the spaces, situations and activities that constitute urban living” (Pinder, p. 395):
Make a mis-guide as if it were a page in a mis-guide to Aarhus.
Draw from your experiences from this course in order to figure out a mis-guide concept that contributes to a story of Communicating (in) Aarhus and of Aarhus as such.

For class on 27 April:
- read the few texts (see the semester plan)
- contemplate a concept for a mis-guide (bring it in writing) so that you can work on it in class. It would be fab if you could bring your computer so that you can work from that and not only on paper.
- bring a few pictures that could serve as illustrations. "bring" can also be digital photos that you can work with on your computer.
Let yourself be inspired by the examples given in the Mis-guides made by Writes & Sites (find them here (generic mis-guide), here (Exeter, UK) and here (Courtauld, UK).
The full Mis-guide to Anywhere can be found in my mailbox in the kitchen/common room on the 3rd floor in the main building. You are encouraged to go look in the book but please don't take it with you when you leave.

You do not have to have your mis-guide ready for Tuesday's class as we will work on the conceptual frame in class - you will, however, have to have a pretty solid concept ready for discussion with others. Consider how it contributes to the overall theme of both the mis-guide concept and this course in total. Draw from your experiences from class in order to figure out a mis-guide concept that contributes to a story of Communicating (in) Aarhus and of Aarhus as such. It would be logical to draw from the assignments you have already answered - maybe some of them can be combined, refined or otherwise reused?
In the class of 27 April we will do a workshop based on your ideas for mis-guides to Aarhus and create an actual Mis-guide to Aarhus, which we will later layout (it would be fabulous if one or several of you would volunteer to pull it all together, as some of you seem to have very good layouting skills already). I think it would be great to print it as an actual publication it we feel like it. You will work in groups with your ideas but will each make an individual contribution.

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