Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or mobile augmented reality is a new field of technology wich provides a mean to blend virtual imaging into the video stream of a mobile device's camera - in real time. Thank's to this technology is possible to see virtual objects in the real world throught your mobile camera.
It's based on SSTT - Simplified Spatial Target Tracker, a computer vision based tracking library for Augmented and Mixed Reality applications. The basic variant implements a marker based approach with a minimal set of constraints. The SSTT visualizer is also a completely cross platform and augments rectangular symbols in the environment. It can be used for a variety of applications.

This page presents some works and projects about this technology and possibilities to enhance the experience about an Hybrid space.

I've decided to find a technology not a specific place. Hybrid space can be wherever. My reflection about that it's related to the paper From Stabilitas Loci to Mobilitas Loci and key concepts like the renegotiation of place by networked mobility and questions like "Does mobility render notions of place obsolete?".

I drew on asserts about Manovich, Cardiff and Shepard:

- about concept of augmented space "information can be seen everywhere and by everyone" and "can be accessed via personal and individual devices". So "augmented space is the physical" and virtual "space overlaid with dynamically changing information" (Manovich);

- the mobile augmented reality "replaces, enhances and alters what we sense" (Cardiff). I think about this technology embedded in the urban space;

- the mobile augmented reality is a chance to feel the space in the sense of the "Sentient City" of Mark Shepard.

Whatch viedos and try to immagine other possible applications!

1° ArSights: Augmented reality for Google Earth.

Thanks to the Development Lab of Inglobe Technologies its just got easiy via their Web-Based Tool that allows users to visualize Google Earth 3D models using Augmented Reality.

2°Sketch shapes in Augmented reality-Iphone App

How to draw shapes and then render via Augmented Reality, complete with attached physics

3° TwitAround: Augmented Reality tweets in the city

TwittARound is an augmented reality Twitter viewer on the iPhone 3GS

4° Augmeted (hyper) reality

This example is a sort of provocation to reflect about implications about an hyper reality.
"The latter half of the 20th century saw the built environment merged with media space, and architecture taking on new roles related to branding, image and consumerism. Augmented reality may recontextualise the functions of consumerism and architecture, and change in the way in which we operate within it"

The clip was produced by Keiichi Matsuda a final year Masters in Architecture over at The Bartlett, here at University College London.

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