Betina Rex

My describtion of a hybrid space:

"Hybrid spaces merge the physical and the digital in a social environment created
by the mobility of users connected via mobile technology devices." (Adriana Silva "From Cyber to hybrid")

As said in the quotation above, hybrid space can be seen as a merge between the physical and the digital invironment. As my example of this, I will use "skype". It is not very original og exotic, but I think it is an understandable example. And since I'm not quite sure that I understand this Hybrid stuff completely myself, I will just try by using an example of something I know from my own life.

The concept of skype is probably familiare to most people today. The fact that we are able to speak with friends or family on the other side of the earth, for free, is something we take for garanteed today. This creates a reality where people is never really unreachable. We are even able to see them on video while we are talking. So the physical presens of each other is visible. So when I am speaking to my good friend Nikka in Austalia we are sitting, virtually in the same, extended livingroom, reaching all the way from Aarhus to Melbourne.
This means that it is not as much "skype" in it self that is a hybrid space, as much as it is the presence of "skype" in a physical space, that turns this space into a hybrid space.

So that is what I've been taking a picture of. Nikka in my living room on "skype". Toghether with my notebook, she turns my living room into a Hybrid space, that allow us to spend hours togehter, even though she is currently living on the other side of the planet.

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