Betina Rex Sorensen

Laughing and thoughtfull.
On-the-go, but lazy.
Moved here to study dramaturgy.
Likes Aarhus, loves Copenhagen.
A winterchild who works best in summer and sun….!


This is my personal map of Ã…rhus

Qustions (and my answers) about the course

1: Doing the things out os class. The dot.walk, and the audiowalk. It gives a hands-on feeling of the theory and texts which we have been reading and discussing in class

2: The text about the "doughnut" effect, and the situationst manifest

3: I've learned about the connection between the social life of a city, and the physical manifestation of a city. And how these two things can be used to influence on each other, in ways that questions or maybe even provokes our idea of what a city is, and how we behave in it.

4: I think that the GPS "treasure" hunt is really geeky, but still really interesting, in the way that it creates a parallel universe, in an almost Harry-Potterish way

6: The dot.walk

Assignment 3:

Assignment 5:

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