Canan Sevimel
I'm Canan from Turkey.
I am 21. As a literature student, I have always enjoyed reading and disscuss on what I read with my other students from my own department and of course the other departments. Apart from reading, I like making sports, e.g. tennis, walking and swimming which is my favourite. And as an erasmus student in Denmark, I want to make a good use of this and meet lots of people and recognize many other cultures and nations. I love the environment here and hope that it will be better as time passes and I get more and more accustomed to my life here.

Assignment 2:


Hi, Here on my map I tried to show some of the many
museums and shopping places in Aarhus. Actually Aarhus
has much more than all these that are few in number! As
I am not from Aarhus, I am not very good at preparing a
map of it, so forgive me for being so economic ;)
And here are the places that correspond the letters
on the litte map..

K. Det Danske Brandvaernsmuseum
L. Bazar Vest
N. Moesgaard Museum
O. Vikingemuseet
P. Rosenholm Slot
Q. The Museums at Gammel Estrup
R. Clausholm
S. Fregatten Jylland.

Assignement 3:

Hybrid Space : EMPAC & They Watch

Here you can see the link of the page:

bold textThis is the link to my personal answers to the questions asked in the class!


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