Christina Hedegaard Simonsen

Hi, I'm Christina!

I am 23 and live in Aarhus. I study dramaturgy and in my spare time I sing in a vocal group called SONO. I also do the pr work for the group.
In the future I hope to work with pr and communication in a theatre or another cultural institution. That is why I chose this class. I think that in future advertising and communication to people can no longer be restricted to posters and flyers. There will be a need to use all the possibilities of the urban environment.


Ass. 2 My Subjective map


My map: when I was about 6 years old I always wanted to run away from home. I suppose it was my "trouble age". This is the route from my parents' house to my grandmother's house. It is the way I pictured it in my mind back then as I packed my little red suitcase.

Ass. 3 Hybrid Space

Ass. 4 Audio-stand
- subjected on FC

Ass. 5 .walk (with Susse, Rasmus and Betina)

Ass. 6 Mis-guide to Ã…rhus
- sent to Lone on FC

Sum-up questions:

1. What is your most memorable experience from this course? It could be with regards to readings, artworks or your assignments: Doing some work on hybrid space. It made me see the place where I live in a new light.
2. Name the text that you liked most: The ones by Usman Haque
3. Name one thing that you have learned from the readings: The readings gave me new perspectives on the environment that surrounds me.
4. Which artwork presented in class did you most like: I liked the ones that had relevance for me in my everyday. The examples from advertising (nokia etc.) were very relevant.
5. What was your reply to the assignments:
a. Making a wiki-profile: It took a while to figure out how to put a picture on the wiki, but making the profile was a good way to learn how to use the wiki.
b. The subjective map: The map gave me a chance to think back to a time when I saw Aarhus in a more intuitive way. It was a childhood reminder.
c. Documents a place marked by hybrid space: The assignment made me aware of the place that I live and the way that different cyber-worlds overlap in a very small space.
d. Make an audiostand: The audiostand made me listen more carefully to noises that I already knew where there. I recorded the sounds of a construction site.
e. The .walk: The walk makes it possible for several people to take completely different walks using the same instructions.
f. Mis guide: Forces you to see your own city in a different light - very interesting!
6. What assignments do you find most in line with the course content: The hybrid space assignment dealt with the overlapping of space that surrounds us, and I think that has been the main subject of the course.

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