Daniele Internicola

Hi everyone


I'm from Trapani in sicily, Italy but I live and study in Siena.
I love the sea and the beach, i love to snorkel and swim in summer.
I play bass and sing lead vocal in a band with 3 other friends.

So 3 are the words to describes me:

friends, good music and sea.

Interaction Design is my field of study.
I like pervasive computing and everything about them.
I think my MA final project will be about pervasive games.
I'm interested in this course because the study about the city and the city life are the core of a good pervasive game project.

Assigment #2

Smells of Aarhus
A map to explore the city with your nose.


The big circles represent strong smells, the other ones soft scents.
The lines are some kind of paths for scents and smells, olfactive paths maybe.

**Smell map NYC**
**Scent Laboratory**

Assignement #3**
Hybrid Space*
My Hybrid Space

Assignement #4**
I recorded this audio fragment on the bicycle way from Riisskov to Aarhus.
I was really impressed by the crows and the magical atmosphere of the place.
Few seconds later, this kind of peace was broken by the train noise.
After the chaos, the peace has been restored again.

Assignement #5**

Perform our a.walk
Perform the A.walk of group 2A

Assignment #6**

Assignment #6.1**
Six things about the course

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