create and perform a .walk

The assignment

sign up in groups below. This is necessary so that each group knows which group to swap code with
You can sign up in a group without knowing your group members (i.e. without having made plans yet). That's the beauty of a wiki :)

I posted a message in FirstClass concerning the walks because a few of you seem to not have read the assignment properly, leading you to have begun creating different kind of walks. It is reproduced below:

Hi all,

There seems to be a bit of confusion over the next assignment; what it is, how you do it etc.
Much of this confusion would be solved if you start by reading the description of the concept. As you will see on the assignment 5 page on the wiki ( both Pinder and Hemment describe the concept, and I have linked to a personal experience of it as well:
Read this and if you still have trouble understanding it, ask here and I'll answer :)

- you are expected to have performed 2 dot.walks before Tuesday at 10 AM: one that your group has created and one that has been created by another group.
- the walk is not in a specific place. The idea of a dot.walk is to create an algorithm (a recipe/an instruction) that can be followed in any city. The instruction only specifies three actions (e.g. turn left, turn right, turn right) and those actions must be repeated for about an hour. This will lead participants into different directions and different streets depending on where they begin and how they interpret the instructions.
- we will use your walks in class in Tuesday in order to discuss what might be the benefit from this kind of instruction based walking.

So please note that the instruction from group 1a isn't a proper dot.walk as there are two many instructions and they are not meant to be repeated. Group 1a has had their alternative instructions approved by me so they do not have to redo it, but group 1b can choose if they will repeat any three instructions (pick them out yourself) or if they'd rather walk the entire walk.

Make sure that you fill up the groups from the beginning - please don't all sign up as an a-group so we won't have any b-groups. But kinds of groups will do identical things (create a walk and walk it and then wlak another group's walk) so there's really no need to not just fill the groups from the beginning.

I expect you to be able to coordinate yourselves - all of you can be contacted through FirstClass.

See you Tuesday,

Here's what to do:

In groups of three/four people make and perform a .walk: scroll down on this link and see the concept described.
(also described briefly in Pinder "Arts of Urban Exploration" and in Hemment "Locative Media". Both from the course readings)

Your walk must have exactly three turns.
Examples of .walk codes could be:

repeat for 1 hour
1st street left
1st street right after you meet a red car
1st street right


repeat for 1 hour
1st street right
2nd street left
1st street left after you meet someone talking in a mobile phone or listening to an iPod-ish device

What do we do exactly?
Create and perform a .walk.
Swap your .walk description with another group and perform their .walk too

  • Document your own .walk performance on a map
  • Document your performance of the other group’s .walk in a map and 4 pictures

What to submit prior to Tuesday 10:00
Make a seperate wiki-page for your .walk. On this page you write the .walk code and upload your own walk's map.
Write on the wiki-page of your partner group's .walk (the one you swapped with) below the group’s own map: write a bit about your experience, upload a map and the four pictures.


Sign-up in a group (three/four people in each unless you have special permission granted by me) by adding your name below. Groups 1a and 1b etc swap .walk codes
You can sign up in a group without knowing your group members (i.e. without having made plans yet). That's the beauty of a wiki :)

Group 1a
(1a's walk)

  • Alexandra Burns
  • Stephanie Biggs
  • Jose Antonio Martin Fuentes


  • Marie Farholt
  • Heidi Nissen
  • name

Group 2a

  • Simona Conti
  • Chiara Artini
  • Alessia Vidili

Group 2b

  • Daniele Internicola
  • Simona Avolio
  • Silvia Gonzalez

Group 3a

  • Ditte Dahl Nielsen
  • Rikke Martine Bruun Meyer
  • Katharina Andreasen

Group 3b

  • Inci Omercikoglu
  • Canan Sevimel
  • Deniz Kut

Group 4a

Group 4b

Group 5a

  • Ayako Horibe
  • Soyoon Byun
  • Rei Yamagishi

Group 5b

Group 6a
6a .walk

Group 6b
6b Walk

Group 7a

Group 7b
Walk 7b

Group 8a

Group 9a
Walk 9a

(add more groups if necessary)

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