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Layar augmented reality browser
The Layar augmented reality (or hybrid space/augmented space, reality etc…) browser looks at an environment through the phone’s camera and overlays data on top of points of interest such as restaurants, shops and tourist attractions (http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/10/layar-iphone/).

Below there is a version of Layar developed by Zehnder Communication for Voodo Experience Festival in New Orleans (2009).
Through the browser and phone’s camera it was possible to frame the stage and view information about band outline, lineup of the day, short band biography, and it was also possible pointing at the rest stop to view day prices and menus. Moreover, by rotating the phone 360°, it was possible to find toilets, infermiery and emergency exit. (http://www.wired.it/news/archivio/2009-11/24/voglio-una-realta-aumentata.aspx)

This example belongs to the second use cathegory (in relation to the technology) of augmented reality described by Milgram and Colquhoun (1999, pp, 5-28) is to say "any case in which an otherwise real environment is augmented by means of virtual (computer graphic) objects.”
The concept of augmented reality in general is related to the meaning of HYBRID SPACE for two reasons: first of all because it is both immersed in physical and digital space, as de Souza e Silva says that “users do not perceive physical and digital spaces as separate entities and do not have the feeling of “entering” the Internet, or being immersed in digital space”. This is possible thanks to "the mobility of users connected via mobile technology devices"
The second reason is that through your smartphone (i-phone and android) you can access to it whenever and wherever you want and collect any kind of information shown in front of your eyes. In fact Manovich says “The flows of information that previously occurred mainly in cyberspace can now be perceived as flowing into and out of physical space, blurring the borders between both.”

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