Ah, Brown!!!

A.walk created and performed by Daniele Internicola, Simona Avolio, Silvia Gonzalez

//Ah, Brown!!! (group 2B)
repeat for 1 hour
1st street left
1st street right after you meet a person wears something brown otherwise go straight.
2st street left

We decided to start our a.walk from the crossroad between Rosensgade and Bispegade.

We suggest you to relax and have a beer or coffee at Cafè Undermasken (placed on that corner), a really nice place!


Last note:
During our a.walk, when we randomly reached Stentrappen, we weren't able to follow the 2nd command.
There wasn't anyone that wore a brown stuff, so we went straight and we reached a small and sad courtyard.
After 59 minutes by walk, we found a bug and we decided to stop.

Below some pictures from our a.walk…some nice findings!! :)



Our performance of //Å + Thicking heels .walk//


Walk performed by Group 2a (Simona Conti, Alessia Vidili, Chiara Artini) on april 11th 2010 from 15:30-16:30

…we started our .walk in Mejlgade, from the RisRas pub (which is definitely our favourite pub in Århus) and we found out this interesting street art piece…

…then we turned left in this small path that we probably would have never noticed in an ordinary situation…

…at about half of our .walk we passed through Norsgade: a tiny pretty street where we noticed some colourful builidings! And then, cheking group 2b's walk we discovered that they have passed through this same street and took a photo of the same houses…

…and finally, in Borggade we found out something we had never seen in our entire life: a burnt bin where someone kept throwing a banana skin. So funny!

- Comparing our .walk perfomance to the one performed by group 2b we noticed that the two courses are quite similar…starting from our favourite pub and ending almost at the same point (as group 2b did). Plus, the shape of the two walks are quite similar too.
- Even if it was Sunday and we thought that it would have been difficult to see someone wearing something brown, we were quite surprised to discover that it wasn't true at all!
- Finally, sometimes we had some difficulties in following some instructions (like the "go straight on" one) because the very rigid structure of the city didn't permit it at all. So we set some strategies to avoid these problems (e.g.: if we can't go straight on for some sort of obstacle, we decided to choose the closer street in front of us).

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