Group 3b

Our starting point is AULA front entrance door.

1.Turn right and keep straight till you see someone carrying shopping bag.
2.Turn right if you see somebody eaiting or turn left if you see somebody smoking.
3.Turn right if you see a motorbike.Keep going if you do not see any motorbike.
4.Turn right if you encounter with the green traffic light for the pedestrians or turn left if you hear horn.

We ran into some unexpected difficulties, since we could hardly hear any car horn in Århus. We ended up Aula again,our starting point!

This is our map of walking.Different colured lines refer to the different segments of our code.


And here are some photos of our trip:



and these are the photos from our partner group's walk:


Group 3.a's .walk experience


This is our route, starting from AULA.


We quickly saw a man with a shopping bag and not long after a woman smoking, which meant that we very quickly finished our two first instructions. However it was more difficult spotting a motorbike or hearing a horn (probably because we chose to do the .walk at 9 o'clock in the morning), but finally we spotted a parked motorbike at Ivar Hultfeltsgade.


We chose take pictures of things we thought interesting on the walk. We loved this retro-van :)


We hoped that our route led us into the graveyard. The trees and flowers in there looked beautiful in the lovely sunlight. But we had to appreciate it from the street.


As art history students, who have red a lot about architecture this building caught our attention.

All in all a great walk - but we had to reinterpret the instructions a bit. Two of us don't live in Århus, so at one point we did not know where we were. But somehow the .walk led us back to Statsbiblioteket. It was a fun experience to be led around the city without knowing where we would end. We had to pay attention to where we were and therefore saw things that we would not otherwise notice.

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