Group 5a


repeat for 1 hour
2nd street right
1st street left
1st street left after we see a seagull


1st We started our walk Downtown, right in front of the Railway station.


2nd The instruction told us to turn right on the 2nd street, where we found Netto.
We knew Netto have another exit on the other side of the street, so went through and came out at Ny Banegards street.

3rd Now we must find the seagull to make our next turn!



We turn to the right at Krantzgade Street and made our way back to Ryesgade.

Some of the streets are actually invisible on the map but you can see it from the pictures below.( We consider this a street)

In conclusion we basically just walk around the same circle twice that day and we came back to our starting point in the end.

Group 5B's walk of Group 5A's instructions


  • We started our walk from the Montana house and quickly ended up behind a grocery store after following the first two instructions.
  • The left turn we took after the first seagull that we spotted led us into a quiet residential neighbourhood.
  • The 2nd right after that took us through an alley filled with some choice graffiti.
  • SEAGULL! We got a picture of the second seagull that we saw, its the tiny spec in the middle of the picture.
  • We walked for a while before we found the 2nd right, taking it we exited the residential area and started walking up a busier street.
  • For one of our final right turns we had cheat a little and go left to get to a tunnel that took us back across the street.

In conclusion, by following the walk from 5a we also completed a large loop of the area. But unlike the other group that did this walk, following the instructions from our starting point we did conveniently end up next to a shop where we could take a much appreciated half-way ice cream break!

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