Heidi Nissen Hybrid Space

The public libraries as a hybrid space

According to de Souza e Silva the rise of the digital age brings a number og consequences i.e.: ”changes in sociability and communication patterns” (dSeS, p. 274). This reveals itself in the tendencies of connectivity everywhere at all times. Going to cafees is no longer only about socializing or networking physically, but via technological devices and selfadvertising programs or applications. (Twitter, facebook, etc.) The same is the case with the modern (digitalized) public libraries. These public spaces no longer exist with one single purpose: the holding and lending out of books, but are now also hybrid and social spaces – which in de Souza e Silvas words can be defined as follows: ”Multiuser environments, constructed metaphorically as public social places, have attracted many people willing to socialize with others outside their situated geographical boundaries. During the past decade, there has been a common belief that (…) communication will increasingly migrate to
cybrspace.” (dSeS, p. 270)

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