Helene Baek - X-busses

The danish Ethnolog Jacob Suhr Thomsen is defining Hybrid Space as a new tendency of what you could call “onliness” (translated by me):

“So now that we are never really offline, vi have to define our online-state in another way. That is why we at the Institute of Future Research are talking about being in a hybridium, a Hybrid Space instead of a cyberspace. Hybrid Space is a version of the internet, not present yet. Our intention with the definition is to describe the change we see is happening in informationtechnology and the hypothese also lay upon observations of what is possible (technologically) and what is actually happening (culturally) – which means how the technology is used.” http://http://www.cifs.dk/scripts/artikel.asp?id=2011&lng=1

Mine example of a Hybrid Space, using the definition of Jacob Suhr Thomsen, is the screens you now find in some of the danish X-busses. The screens not only provides news-updates (information) but also encourrage you to log on to the web by using your computer or cell-phone. From my perspective, the purpose of the bus is now changed. Before it was a traveldevise in which you would have to “kill time” by reading a book, listening to music or just stare out of the window until the you reached your destination. Now the bus is not only a traveldevise, it is a moving hybrid space where you can move from one place to another AND surf the internet at the same time! flickr:4418872891

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