How do I upload a photo

The easiest way:

Create a Flickr-account (
Upload your picture to flickr
add the picture to your website by using the "insert image wizard" button, choose "flickr" and insert Flickr's unique number for your picture. It's super easy even though it may not sound like it.

The slightly more tedious way which also takes up room on the wiki so we don't like it as much:

- Click on files (bottom of page) and click upload new file on the page where the picture should appear that is, not on this page.
- Click 'gennemse' and then when you've found your file, click 'upload file'.
- Click on 'edit' to edit the page
- Click on the insert image wizard (button above the text box).
- Click 'attached file' and your file should come up.
- Click 'insert code'.

In the insert image wizard, you can also choose the size of your photo and where you want it placed on the page.

When uploading files make sure filenames only contain letters or numbers (no spaces or symbols allowed).

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