Hybrid Space Christina Simonsen

I live in an apartment building block in which the tenants are mainly students. When I get up at six in the morning and look out my kitchen window at the building across from mine all the windows are dark. The curtains are drawn and there is no sign of life. As I go to bed at night there is plenty of life though. Almost every window is beaming with light and inside you can easily see the blue-ish lights from computer- and TV screens. This is the only time that there is any sign of life.
When I came home today around noon, everything still seemed deserted. But I know they are there. I have seen the lights from the screens. And as I log onto my computer I find all the wireless networks of the people that are hiding behind the closed windows and curtains.

“Wireless technologies in particular have challenged our relationship to designed space because they encourage us to think not of static silent structures that surround us but rather of fluid dynamic fields beyond the edge of our natural perceptions, fields within which we are all consumers and all contributors.”
Usman Haque, ” Invisible Topographies” pp. 1

I then realise that there might be much more life than I am able to percept when I look at the silent buildings. Behind each window there might be a person living, working, surfing, networking or playing on the Internet. I am separated from them by the thick brick walls and I hardly ever talk to any of them, as they are not usually up and about when I am. But our worlds are still connected. I could probably go on the Internet and chat with one of them without even knowing it. We could both be logged on the same wireless connection – the only one that isn’t locked – without knowing it. We might be close to each other and yet I might think that I was talking to someone on the other side of the earth.
My fiancée recently met a girl that he used to go to school with. She lives in one of the apartments in the building across from ours. We had lived here almost a year before they met. But they were friends on Facebook and had commented on each other’s photos. They knew each other in cyberspace but they never knew that they lived only a few yards apart. And it was quite strange when the two worlds suddenly intertwined like that.

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