Hybrid Space - Mikkel Bech-Hansen

I have chosen the mobile application "Layar" as the subject of this assignment. Layar is marketed as an "Augmented Reality Browser" (www.layar.com). It shows real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone. The digital information is based on "layers" that the user selects. For instance one could apply a Wikipedia-layer, to view all POI's within a specified range witch have a corresponding page (with gps-coordinates attached) on Wikipedia. According to Adriana de Souza e Silvia, hybrid space is defined as merging "the physical and the digital in a social environment created by the mobility of users connected via mobile technology devices" (de Souza, p. 263). As such, it is arguable that any space in principle has a potential of being a hybrid space in the hands of the Layar-user.

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