Hybrid Space Soyoon Byun

Assignment #3 - Find a place marked by hybrid space in one of the versions we’ve been through in this class on Hybrid Space. Explain in max 500 words how it is a hybrid space. Include quote(s) from one/several of the readings for today and/or next week (space-place) in your argument. Document the place in pictures, video and/or sound.

This is my describtion of a hybrid space.

"First, it investigates how the use of mobile technologies as connection interfaces blurs the traditional borders between physical and digital spaces. Second, it argues that the shift from static to mobile interfaces brings social networks into physical spaces. Finally, it explores how urban spaces are reconfigured when they become hybrid spaces."(Adriana de Souza e Silva "From Cyber to hybrid")

According to the quotation above, my example is a special play from Germany by Rimini Protokoll, "Call Cutta In A Box"
It is a play for only one person.


The main story of the play is that :
"You enter an unknown office and the phone rings. You pick up, and the person on the phone is a call center agent in Calcutta, India. Folders on your computer mysteriously open by themselves, a table moves, and a story unfolds in which Sagnik and his colleagues, but above all you and your city are the actors, the audience, the setting, and the performance."

There are two reasons why I think it is hybrid space. First reason is that this play really blurs the traditional borders between physical and digital spaces. This is because the main item of this play is phone, and it is not the "fake" phone. The person who made a call is really far from the play like India. Then they make real conversation. They can talk any topic and that have huge influence on the play. In fact, they don't have any specific story, instead they can make their own story, so the audience could be the actor. Second, this play truly bring social networks into physical spaces. As you can see the picture, they have a video conference and call between people in the office or people in the other part of the earth.

For more information : http://www.rimini-protokoll.de/website/de/

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