Hybrid Space: EMPAC & They watch

Hybrid Space : EMPAC & They Watch

Hi again, these two photos can be examples for the hybrid space as they are conceptual spaces created by the merging of borders between physical and digital spaces, because of the use of mobile technologies as social devices as Adrianna de Souza e Silva says.
They are social practices that occur simultaneously in the digital and in physical spaces.


EMPAC is an unprecedented experimental center dedicated to the integrated pursuit of the performing arts and sciences. The 220,000-square foot building, designed by Nicholas Grimshaw, includes a 1200-seat concert hall with an adjustable fabric ceiling; a 400-seat theater with a 70-foot fly tower; two black-box studio spaces with tunable, tilting wall tiles; and acoustically isolated artist/researcher work spaces.

They Watch is an immersive installation that creates an ambiguous hybrid space where the virtual blends with the real, and where encounters with simulated characters challenge our ideas of presence, place, perception and identity. It takes place within an enclosed space formed by a large 360-degree projection screen. Upon entering, you see a projected, realistic simulation of the actual environment surrounding the installation, as if the screen weren’t there. But within this simulation are virtual characters (or “bots.”) Like you, they seem to be people who are exploring an art installation: they quietly wander around; you can hear them breathing, coughing, and shuffling their feet. But as the bots take notice of you, they come closer. When you move around in the space, they follow, keeping their eyes focused on you.


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