Lakshmi Hybrid Space

Hybrid Spaces.

'HIKUINs blodhævn' -marked by Hybrid Space.

'HIKUINs blodhævn' is a mobile tecnological AudioMoveDrama, that involves the player interactively to experience twelve locations in Århus city space.
The photo represents the map and first location or position point in the game is: The Viking Museum 'Vikingemuseet', under Nordea, Skt Clements Torv. There are twelve locations to the routeplan and the last location is at Volden - Herr Bartells - Åboulevarden 46.

To join the game, one have to send a sms containing the text HIKUNIN to the number 1231 and follow the instructions given.

The narration is a flash back to 1049, the time when Århus was called Aros.
The mobile phone must be able to execute Java progams (MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1), scan TAGs with its camera and has to support 3G, WiFi and/or Bluetooth witch is used under the installation. Furthermore the mobilephone has to have about 50 MB free memory or a memory card for the data files.(most new mobilephones).
The player has to scan the specific tag at each destination point -the same procedure as when taking a photo until the TAG is picturised on the phone screen. After the TAG has been decoded the player will be able to listen to a part of the Viking Drama that fits the location.

Used tecnologi at the locations are 2D-barcodes, QR-codes TAGS.

'HIKUINs blodhævn' is rather similar to the GPS tresure hunt online game in the way the gamer engages in a hybrid space.
'…blending of material and virtual interfaces, notions of presence and absence, visible and invisible…' (Farman:2009 pp.1?)
In linking the physical space/place to the position on the map and/or instructions reseived at one of the twelve position points the player performs tracking involving awareness of the tecnological and prehistorical layers as well as the physical route and its physical positons. This kind of maptracking is somewhat equal to Cornell and Heths definition of wayfinding according to the physical locations different to navigation via ex. the Sat-nav.
''The difference between navigation and wayfinding can also be expressed as the difference between following a predifined sequence and creating a sequence based on a number of selections'' (Cornell and Heth: 2000)(Koefoed:2009 pp.12)

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