Ida Marie Farholt


My name is Marie, and I'm majoring in literature. I moved here from Copenhagen in the summer of 2008, and so far I really like it here. My reason for choosing this class is a fascination with the whole concept of city life. Having lived in both Copenhagen, Århus and a smaller provincial town, Holbæk, on Sealand, I find the difference in everyday life and the possibilities provided by the city quite interesting.


My personal map shows all the places I go to regularly in Århus. The places have different colours, depending on the type of place marked. The "hotspots" in my map are all I need to enjoy this city (except maybe a 7-11 on a nearby corner).


Link to assignment 3: marie-farholt
Assignment 4 has been submited to the Fc folder called "assignment4"
Link to assignment 5: group-1b
Assignment 6 has been submited to the Fc folder called "misguides"

Reflecting on C(i)C:

1: I find the experience of painting in the snow the most memorable for two reasons. Firstly because I felt a bit silly and got very wet feet doing it, but mostly because I actually found the result quite interesting once we were done.

2: My favourite text from the course is "Tying down loose space" by Frank and Stevens. It was very informative, and really opened my eyes to the number of "hidden" posibilities offered in a city.

3: What I learned from the texts as a whole, is that most cities can be very different on the surface, but really do offer a lot of the same things under the surface, if only you know how to look for them.

4: My favourite "artwork" (if it can be called that) was the chat roulette. It was, in my eyes, the best example of a hybrid space given in class that day.

6: The best assignment was the one of making a subjective map. The maps as a whole showed a lot of different ways of seeing Århus, and I found that very interesting.

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