Assignment 3_Inci Omercikoglu

"Hybrid spaces are mobile spaces, created by the constant movement of users who carry portable devices continuously connected to the Internet and to other users…"
I found an example of hybrid space that combines physical world of users of mobile devices and digital space where the waves of these mobile devices interact.
The sine wave orchestra is a participatory sound project. Under the concept that each participant control a sine wave, the public is invited to produce his or her own sine wave. Each participant can use any device that can produce a sine wave,such as cameras, mobile phones.

In the performance, there is no conductor and the line between who is the player and who is the audience is deliberately left blurred. Although the intention to present sound to others is absent, people share the same time and space in order to experience sound. In shared time and space, the sine waves interfere with each other and represent a communication among the participants acting as collaborative performers.

This project is made by Japanese artists and i believe that it is mostly because of the strong impact of high technology conditions in Japan as Souza gives most of the examples from Japan. He says "…For the
conceptualization of hybrid spaces, I explore mostly cell phone use in Asian countries, such as Japan; because cell phones in these countries have been studied as collective communication.."


Through sharing/separating the time and the space, the sine wave played by each participant interferes with each other and represents a communication among the participants as an abstract form.

I think this project of Sine wave music performance creates a Hybrid space since it combines the physical environmental and digital space that are created by mobile devices sine waves. The user of these technological devices are somehow get connected with the invisible waves and connections .The harmony of these interfaces, by the interference principle of waves, combines 2 different spaces.
As Souza Silva says " …With portable technologies, users are connected
while surrounded by other city dwellers. Mobile interfaces are used primarily inside social public spaces…"

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