Inci Omercikoglu

Hej everyone!

I am from Turkey, Istanbul. I am here for 6 months with erasmus program. It will be a different experience for me to live in Aarhus,a city which is 30 times smaller than mine. I like cities and strongly believe that each city (even littyle towns) has its own language and feelings as well.
At first sight i liked the title of the course and when i read the description i decided to take it even though it has nothing to with my study.By the way my field is mathematics. Anyway, i am excited to learn something how cities speak and how city life differs from each other. I am completely a city girl but i also like everything related with rural. I like green and blue, which can be interpreted as forest and sea. I like sailing and winter sports.
I like everthing that is likeable!:)

Hej Hej and see you in the class!
Assignment 2: my personal map of Aarhus


In this map( which could be seem a little bit childish), i want to notify the points where we ,as students, can get the special discounts. Most of them are located in the city center so i have just focused on the part of Aarhus. Smily faces show that these shops, cafes, museums etc. have student discount and the colour of faces the amount of discounts. The little bike signs show the points where in summer (unfortunately not now=)) people can get and leave the free bikes with deposit 20 kr…
My aim and inspiration was to refute the idea of Aarhus' being unbelievebly expensiveness. There are always ways to make students' lives more affordable.

Assignment 3:

Assignment 4:
This voice is part of Ezan, which is call for prayer.
Ezan is told from the mosques 5 times in a day to remind the people the time of pray.
It is saved in city of Istanbul. Beyond the voice, one can hear the city sounds as well.
Regardless of religion of people, it is believed that sound of ezan makes people feel secure and helps them to find the peace in themselves.To me; City lives with his/her voice as well as his/her own beliefs as in the example.

Assignment 5:

Assignment 6:

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