Jacobadrian H Space

The S-train
Below is a definition of hybrid space by Adriana Silva that seemed wide, simple and understandable:
“Hybrid spaces arise when virtual communities (chats, multiuser domains, and massively multi-player online role-playing games), previously enacted in what was conceptualized as cyberspace, migrate to physical spaces because of the use of mobile technologies as interfaces” (de Souza e Silva, Adriana (2006))
I have chosen the S-train because I think it highly manifests a hybrid space due to the fact that DSB offer free internet when using any of their trains and the fact that a lot of people seem to take advantage of it. One can access the internet either through your laptop or a WiFi-cellphone. So now as opposed to before where people used the internet at home (or at work) they have now migrated to the public space and mobile space of the S-train.
And so due to more recent expansion within mobile technology people who before got held hostage in their home or at a stable office because they had to send e-mails, deliver reports etc. are now free to be on the move and save time in a very fast moving world.
They have migrated to (mobile) physical space allowed by and because of the possibility to remain open a door to cyberspace, and so hence a location of the concept ‘hybrid space’.

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