Self-service shopping

In the text ”Space and Culture” Adriana de Souza e Silvas points out that ”Hybrid spaces arise when virtual communities, previously enacted in what was conceptualized as cyberspace, migrate to physical spaces because of the use of mobile technology” (1 page) In order to that describtion of a hybrid space, I have chosen the self-service-payment machine in Føtex.
The self-service-payment machine is a new kind of paying-system that you can use in more and more supermarked, and then buy your stuf on your own – but of cause, together with the machine. To use the machine you go in front of it, and it already begin to welcome you, with a nice and friendly voice. After on, the voice from the machine, guides you through your payments. You interact with the machine, by reacting on the guiding voice, but the machine also react on your actions - and together you create a hybrid space.
When this self-service-payment machine is a hybrid space, it depense on this kind of dialogue, you make with the machine. Because, in the moment of this communication, like Adriana de Souza e Silvas points out, the machines cyberspace become a part of your physical or real space, and a hybrid space is arised.
When I used the machine, for the first time, it didn’t work for me. I couldn’t find out how I should communicate with it, and you can say, that we couldn’t ”talk” together and make the hybrid space. But later on, I have learned how to behave and ”talk” with it, and now I don’t think about the machine, as using another language or being in another kind of space, than my reality. And like Adriana de Souza e Silvas later on mention, she sees ’hybrid reality as blurring the borders between digital and physical spaces and also in opposition to augmented and mixed realities, concepts that also claim the blurring of borders between the physical and the digital’.(page 3)
The hybrid space is then, not only a cyberspace or a physical space. It is a another and new kind of space that exist of both elements, in a mixed dialogue. And here ’no one longer needs to go out of the physical space to get in touch with the digital environments.’ (page 4)
In the beginning I found the word ”Hybrid-space” very fancy. And I tought I had to refer to something very cyber and computer-like. But it has been very exiting to experince that you actually is surrounded by elements wich combine the physical and digital spaces, and suddenly I could almost have chosen whatever, and it would turn out to be a hybrid space, in a way.

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