Exhibition Rethink, Contemporary art and climate change in Moesgård Museum Aarhus
Hyperkinetik Kayak by Jette Gejl Christensen.

This is an interactive kayak stimulator, where the audience can paddle in front of 3D screen which give an abstract of an ice ocean. All the feedsback we have as moving the kayak: hard resistance while paddling, visual effects and sounds are configurable thanks to the measures of daily temperatures in Greenland.

I choose it as a hybrid space because it’s a mix of reality and digital experience. It “blurs the traditional borders between physical and digital spaces” (De Souza e Silva, Adriana (2006), “From Cyber to Hybrid: Mobile Technologies as Interfaces of Hybrid Spaces”, Space and Culture, 9 (3), p.261). This exhibition helps us to be aware of the “interactions between …hardspace and softspace” (Haque, Usman (2004), “Invisible Topographies”, Receiver <>p.2). Here the hardspace will be the room, the kayak, the screen as material static structure and the softspace will be sounds, temperatures… The virtual installation is really affected by real life changes in Greenland.

The perception of spaces in an hybrid space is all change as N. Kathrine Hayles says “there are no longer homogeneous context for a given special area, but rather pockets of different contexts in it”. Here the first context will be the person sitting on the kayak in the exhibition room but as a second context, the person is also implicated in the 3D screen when having the 3D glasses on, the person is then in the Greenland sea. The person can therefore be in two different spaces at the same time.
Alos as Adriane de Souza e Silva says, Hybrid spaces are mobile spaces, and here the exhibition is constantly changing.

Hybrid spaces merge the physical and the digital in a conceptual environnement created by biological measures. What the artist wants is the visitor to have sensorial feedsback of climate changes. She wants a better understanding and to implicate people here in Denmark in the World climate problems. To make people act in a different way, that' s the social function of an hybrid space.



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