Mai Trosborg - hybrid space

Hybrid space is a space which connects the digital world with the physical world. In feb. og marts 2008 you could experience the exhibition Aarhus by light. The exhibition was an interactive installation at the facades of Aarhus Musichouse. By moving in front of three different lightning zones placed at the facade of the Musichouse your movements was translated/ transformed to digital silhouets. Aarhus by light is physical location (the Musichouse) transformed to "cultural experience"/ interactive art (digital art).

It can be seen as both 1) hybrid space as architecture form (Usman Haque "Invisible topographies", 2004) and 2) hybrid space as a social form (Adriana de Souza e Silva "From cyber to hybrid: mobile technologies as interfaces of hybrid spaces", 2006).
The project involves both sides - architecture and social form(s)
(see aarhus by light on youtube by clicking on the link below)


In Usman Hagues article "Invisible topographies" he describes hybrid space in relations to architecture. Aarhus by light not only consider the social aspect, it also consider the surroundings (architecture) - by making the buildings appear as art. Art, social interaction and architecture come together in one and creates a hybrid space;

"Architecture, the design of spatial experience, and art, the production of cultural experience, has not for several centuries shared as much common ground as they do now" ( Usman Hague/ "Invisible topographies" 2004)

Hybrid space can make us aware of buildings/spaces we may not been aware of before. Maybe you´r passing facades everyday on you way to and from work, without notice. By BEING AWARE of you physical presence in your surroundings (in this case the musichouse) you may notice buildings and forms you wasn´t aware of before. But according to Mark Shepard ("Sentient City Survival Kit : Archaeology of the Near Future", 2009) the abillity to feel subjective do not include selfawareness (Pps from 9march). He refers to it as sentient city; a city which "is able to feel things happening within it, yet doesn´t neccesarily know anything in particular about them. It feels you, but doesn´t neccessarily know you" ("Sentient City Survival Kit: Achaeology of the Near Future", 2009). According to Shepard, Aarhus by light would be a project which involves subjective, but not selfawareness - it doesn´t make you think about the future.

Aarhus by light is a hybrid space for/ which involves aesthetic, physical/digital and social experience; it connects all three.
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Aarhus by light is a part of the researchproject "mediefacader", finased by Den Regionale IKT Korridor, a part of Digital Urban Living.

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