Mai Trosborg Rasmussen

I´m a 23 student with majoring in Danish from South University of Denmark, with "complement" in aesthetic and Culture (this year).
Communicating (in) the city appeals me due to the focus on how culture/hereas cities communicate to, and- with, the citizens.
My main interest is, as already mentioned, culture - with all that includes, for instant music, dance, artwork etc.
(see Photo under tag)

assigment 2: Subjective map

assigment 3: Hybrid space

assigment 4: Audio Stand

assigment 5: dot.walk

assigment 6: Misguide

assigment 7: my own communicating (in) the city experimence;

1. subjective maping (maping and power + hybrid space).
2. see above.
3. "Andersen/Pold - how much the scripting (writing) space is a (coded) part of the architecture.
4. Subjective mapings, conflux festival and artvertising.
5. Seeing/hearing what isn´t seen/heard - reflecting on your surroundings.
6. Subjective maping - because it all rounds up to a misguide.
7. see above.

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