Maria Gardes HyperSpace

A hyper space is a sphere existing between the virtual, digital world and the real one. We’re talking about a space co-existing with the real world. It’s also a space only existing as long as people use it in a social way.
I’ve been following the development of the Clime Wall made by DUL here in Århus. It was first shown at Ridehusets façade near Århus City Hall. The wall was inspired by a supersize refrigerator covered with small magnets of different words. The idea was that people were able to drag and drop different words on the wall and dreate their own statements considering the clime. They were also able to respond to other peoples’ statements, which created a hybrid space where people in Århus were able to communicate.
Hiroshi Ishiirefers to hybrid spaces as a “bridge the gap between
cyberspace and physical environment by making digital information (bits) tangible” p. 264, Souza, which is exactly what the Clime Wall is able to do. The technology becomes a forum for the citizens in Århus where they can share their interest in the clime, but also a great way to engage in the life of Århus City. But the sphere only exists while the user interacts with this virtual platform. When no person does so, it’s is just a technology with the possibility to interact. One can compare it to a traditional performance: it’s the communication between user and art work that is interesting. As long as a subject seeks to find a meaning in the object, it can be described as a performance .

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