Mikkel Bech Hansen

Hello. How are you? I am Mikkel and amongst a great many deal of things, I really enjoy home-baked bread and rock 'n roll music. I study musicology at Aarhus University, which obviously claims a significant amount of my time. Besides being buried in books about Bach and Brahms, I also like to indulge myself in making computers do funny and beautiful stuff to sounds and pictures.


My assignment on hybrid space, can be found here: Hybrid Space - Mikkel Bech-Hansen

The .walk-assignment can be found here: 6a Walk

The audiostand-assignment and the misguide was uploaded to FirstClass

NB! The misguide-page is also on FirstClass (since May 4th)

This is a photograph of me.

This is a map of Århus as it occured to me one monday morning..

Final thoughts on the course:

Answers to questions posed in class, april 27th.

My most memorable experience from this course is probably the .dot-walk.

The most memorable text is probably the very first one "Why leave the city on holidays". I can't quite say why, but of course the text had some interesting points. Being the very first text of a new course probably also has a lot to say as to how the text became the most memorable.

Learning the concept and definition of hybrid space was a very meaningful experience to me.

Probably one of the subjective city maps (the pink one). It was very well made and pretty.

Ass. 1: Creating a wiki-page
Ass. 2: Subjective map
Ass. 3: Hybrid space
Ass. 4: Audio-stand
Ass. 5: .walk
Ass. 6: Mis-guide

The assignments was a great addition to this course, as the text often feels like nonsense if the reader has no idea about how to apply the theories in practice. I especially liked assignments 2 and 5, though I'm not quite sure why. Maybe I have thing for maps…

I don't know, really. They're all relevant, but my feeling is that number 3 could have been the most relevant, but perhaps the assignment-deadline should had been after the class that dealt with the subject, as the terms were quite blurry in my opinion.

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