Multimedia Room

For my forth assignment, I have decided to record the sounds you can listen to within the multimedia room number 216 in the building 1461 of the Nobel Park complex. My motivation to record this sound is that throughout its windows you can observe two of the main thoroughfares of Aarhus, the junction between Randersvej and Nordre Ringgade ; and the human activity on them from lorries coming and going from the harbour, tractors with salt or sand, and, of course, people crossing the street over the zebra painting on the roadway.

Everything seems perfectly conducted like a orchestra, also myself inside the multimedia room where I used to work. The particular feature of this sound is that the insulation of the windows makes it more harmonious and not irritating. Only opening the windows you will “see” the difference.

Sound: jose_multimediaroom.mp3 (uploaded to the assignment folder)

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