My C(I)C Experience

by Susse Marie Riber


  1. what is your most memorable experience from this course? It could be with regards to readings, artworks or your assignments
  2. name the text that you liked the most (or that you learned most from) (or that provoked you the most). Why?
  3. name one thing that you have learned from the readings (or, which text did you like the most? Why?)
  4. which artwork/artefact/performance presented in class did you like the most (or provoked you the most). Why?
  5. what was your reply to the assignments? List them all and think about how to present them – as a whole – to others; as a collection, what have they contributed with to this course?
  6. which assignment do you find most in line with the course content? Why?


  1. The walks - both the ones we did ourselfs and the one from the central station .. In readings; mobile and game related texts. In class; applications and artwork from the real world. FlashMobs.
  2. I think the first text about urbanism as a way of life, was very mind-blowing because of the contemporary thoughts - they where sort of timeless.
  3. I learned about things I didnt know excisted. Such as the gps games.
  4. I liked the flash mobs, interactive artworks such as the Park(ing)day/Park(cycle) and city walks.
  5. Well they had a very nice flow. I think the first is sort of pointing out because of it being a introduction to both wiki and class..
  6. I find the walks, the mapping and soundshape most in clue with the class. I now realise that Ive might picked the wrong class, cos apart from the events in the city incl. Park(ing)day and other use of the space, communicating with people in a performativ way i wasnt really inspired.
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