My CiC Experience

1.What is your most memorable experience from this course? It could be with regards to readings, artworks or your assignments.
- My most memorable experience was definitely the .walks. We had to really involve ourselves in the assignments - both our one and the other group’s .walk. It was fun to experience the city in a new way – seeing new sides of it and not knowing where you would end up.

2. Name the text that you liked the most (or that you learned most from) (or that provoked you the most). Why?
- The texts about the situationists interested me a lot. I first heard about the movement on my 3. Semester and wanted to know more, but never got to it. I like the idea that they wanted to explore the city. They were kind of the founders of the whole “exploring the city in new ways” thematic.

Debord, Guy “Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography” + “Theory of the Dérive” + “Détournement as Negation and Prelude
Pinder, D. “Subverting cartography: the situationists and maps of the city”

3. Name one thing that you have learned from the readings (or, which text did you like the most? Why?)
- I learned a lot from the texts on hybrid space. I never thought about the city having so many digital layers. I learned that hybrid space is everywhere and it is a movement away from the computer and out in “real life”. It no longer makes sense to distinguish between life online and the reality.

4. Which artwork/artefact/performance presented in class did you like the most (or provoked you the most). Why?
- I found the flashmobs interesting. I’ve actually never heard about the concept before, so it was great that I got that experience in class. It’s a new art form and both works as an aesthetical and psychological experiment and includes a lot of interesting elements that would be cool to examine by theory.

5. What was your reply to the assignments? List them all and think about how to present them – as a whole – to others; as a collection, what have they contributed with to this course?


6. Which assignment do you find most in line with the course content? Why?
- When I signed up for the class, I had an expectation that we would really explore the city and read a lot of new theory about it. It was met to some extent, but the assignments were really what I enjoyed most in the course. The misguide to Århus, the .walk and our own subjective maps were the ones I found most interesting.

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