My Communicating in the City Experience

1. What is your most memorable experience?
My most memorable experience if this class was when we went outside and made a map in the snow with water and brown food colouring of the route we take from our house to our class. I noticed that that people who lived in the same place and took the same route had a different perspective on the route because their patterns were quite different from each other. It shows the individuals interpret their environment differently and have a varying sense of direction when it comes to their surroundings. I also thought it was pretty funny when I learned that the Danish use this brown food colouring to make their gravy darker.

2. Name the text that you like the most (or learned from/provoked the most)
The text that liked the most was 'Cityscapes: Consumption, Masculinities and the Mapping of London since 1950' by Frank Mort. I enjoyed this text because I never knew about Soho and how London was basically mapped out in terms homosexuality. Since recently returning from my own trip to London and reading the article again, I and how and now that I have been to London and look at this article again I have more of a sense of what they are talking about in the article.

3. Name one thing that you have learned from the readings
I learned the differences between hard and soft spaces and how the hard space is made up of the solid structures in our environment such as buildings and soft spaces refers to things that are invisible make up our experiences of space such as, temperature and smells. I never really thought a lot about this before I started reading on the topic and when now when I'm walking around the city I find myself thinking about the different spaces and the invisible space of waves and electromagnetic fields.

4. Which artwork/artifact/performance presented in class did you like the most
The performance presented in class that I enjoyed the most was the clip on the virtual monopoly game where individuals playing a chess game at home called people who were in the city to move to a certain position. I thought it was interesting because it displayed the connection between public and private space and how the gap between the two is getting smaller due to the changes in technology. I also thought it would be a fun thing to try out and dress up as a certain game piece and see where you end up in the city by the time the game is over.

5. What was your reply to the assignments? List them all and think about how to present them – as a whole – to the others as a collection. What have they contributed to the course?
I enjoyed all the assignments as they each presented their own unique challenge and I liked that they were interactive and I could use my creative side. The 6 assignments: Introduction, Subjective Map, Hybrid Space, Audio Stand, Make & Perform a Walk and A Mis-Guide to Aarhus could be present as a power point presentation with links to videos and audio clips and a short description of each and how they relate to some of the readings. I feel that the assignments have contributed a lot to the course as they allowed us to utilize the knowledge that we learned from the readings and the lectures.

6. Which assignment do you find most in line with the course content? Why?
The assignment that I found that was most in line with the course content was assignment #2, the subjective map because it allowed each student to walk around the city and interpret it in their own way. When I did this assignment I was fairly new to the city and found a lot of places that I had not been before when I was creating my map of different art galleries downtown. This class is about trying to discover different ways you can experience and view a city and I feel that the subjective map allowed us to do just that.

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