My Personal Answers

Here are my answers to the questions we were trying to answer during the class.

1. It was the 5th assigment that my friend and I created directions to follow in
creating a walk and finally we saw that we arrived at the point where we started.

2. It was the one by Pinder "the Generic City". It helped me create new point of views
on how to look at and live the city. And also I learned that not all the cities are
the same althogh they look like so!

3.The Generic City.

4.It was the audio stand performance. as we listened all the audio stands we recorded,
I could get the chance to see how differently even the one basic sound of an event/
commodity/experience can be interpreted!

5.They helped at the very first hand understand and see interactively what we disscuss
and do during the class and helped active participation.

6. I think it was the first one, the subjective map since it forged us to think about
Aarhus and "communicate" with it from our point of view.

Canan Sevimel

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