Rasmus Hamann

Hello everyone. I study Musicology and when I'm not buried in analyzing Beethoven and Bach I also play the guitar in the bands Puppet Arms and Bias. Check us out http://www.myspace.com/puppetarms or http://www.myspace.com/biasdk.

I'm 26 yers old and live in Aarhus, right next to the University.

Besides that i recently started my own bussiness, a booking and management label called KnowTheirName.


So here is my personal map. It is places i've played concerts with original music in the past 2 years in the inner city. The map is at night, guess why? And on the map is also indicated where you can get aspirin and medical care - hense it is a rock'n'roll map!


Assignment 3


Assignment 4

Audio stand, can be found on First Class in the subfolder Assignment 4

Assignment 5


Assignment 6


Sum up my C(i)C Experience:

1. My most memorable experience from the course was doing the personal map. It brought to mind all the musical experiences that I’ve had in Aarhus city. And more specific where all these experiences took place and how each experience differ because of the location. It opened my eyes to how diverse a city is.

2. I have no specific text, but more a theme. The ninth of February we had the theme Structures of and in the city. I found Guy-Ernest Debord, D. Pinder and Koolhaas’s texts very interesting primarily because of a general interest in The Situationists and urban exploring.

3. I’ve learned to listen to the city. Whether it’s willingly or unwillingly I’ve become more aware of all the sounds that surround us and the importance of focusing on sound “polluting”.

4. The gadget that blocked all WiFi made quite an impression. The fact that this is looked upon as terrorism in Denmark shows how dependent we are on technology.

• I’ve created a wiki profile with a photo and a short text about myself. This helped me learn about the wiki-concept and forced me to use the wikidot as a tool, not just for fun.
• I made a personal map of places I’ve played concerts in Århus, marking all these different and diverse places where a concert is possible. Showed the possibilities in a city like Århus.
• A took a picture from Google Streetview of my drummer Jeppe. He was caught leaving his bike on the way to work, showing that you always exist in “two” places – a hybrid space.
• My audio-stand documented a place I cross every day. The intersection near my rehearsal room. The audio-stand made me more aware of the sound that surrounds me and also much aware of sound polluting.
• We made a walk in my group. See the link here for more information http://communicity2010.wikidot.com/6b-walk A good experience, forcing you too look at your city in a new perspective.
• My misguide was a “TasteWalk”. Your music taste dictates the way you move around in the city. With different rules I forced the walker into letting his or her taste dictate the tour around Århus.

6. I found the misguide most in line with the course. Primarily because of the possibility to integrate the different assignments/themes in one. It also pushed my creativity and imagination!

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