Rasmus Juhl Kallesoe

Assignment 2
my subjective map of Århus

it's called
"happiness enroute the route to happiness"

Assignment 3

Hybrid spaces

Rasmus Juhl Kallesøe

My example of a hybrid space is not one place marked by hybrid space; however it is an example of mobile technology that help create the hybrid space phenomenon and therefore makes hybrid spaces potentially occur anywhere and everywhere.
"Hybrid spaces merge the physical and the digital in a social environment created
by the mobility of users connected via mobile technology devices." (Adriana Silva "From Cyber to hybrid")
“Nike +” is a product created by Nike, more specifically the company’s subdivision “Nike running”. In my opinion, the mobile technology which supports “Nike +” mixes physical structures with digital, thus creating a new environment which qualifies as hybrid space.

The following is a link to an introduction of Nike’s product:

By placing a chip in your shoe while running you can transform your running into digital data. With the help of an IPod or IPhone you can upload and submit your running data to an online community called Nike running where it is shared, compared, and viewed by other runners. A user can submit his or hers data in various forms, for example a map.
A person’s physical experience (a run) has been made digital in the form of data, this means it is now an experience available for others as well. Whatever route or data you choose to submit to the community can be put to use by another person. This means that a person in china can perform an exact copy of a run made in Germany by another “Nike +” user by using his or her data. The physical space then becomes influenced by the data from another run creating a hybrid space run.

Assignment 4

My 30 sec. audio stand is in the folder "assignment 4" in the First Class conference.
it's called rasmuskallesøe-publiclibrary.arnr

Assignment 5

I was in group 6a, and we created:

Group 6a's


repeat for and hour

1. street right
2. street left
1. street right after passing a bus stop

We performed our own .walk and it looked like this:

Then we did group 6b's .walk in it looked like this:

We performed group 6b's .walk monday the 12th of April at 11 o'clock with our starting point beeing Mejlgade.

All in all it was a fun experience that gave us a somewhat novel glance and impression of Århus.
The .walk was very varied in the sense that we didn't do any back tracking - this was great.

On the rute we encountered severel places were we had to make a choice. A choice that had to call upon a more flexible understanding of the .walk's instuctions. Sometimes the roads simply did not fit the instructions.

Assignment 6

My contribution for the mis-guide is located in the folder "mis-guide" in nthe First Class conference.

Assignment 7
Evaluation questions 1-6

1. I rather liked ”Mapping and Power”. Especially the readings concerning this topic.
2. I enjoyed reading about the generic city. It illuminated the fact that people around the world,
however great the geographical distance may be, are not so different.
3. I was thrilled when I read about soft space. To me it was like a manifestation of a “new” dimension. A space that is right in front of us but still somewhat invisible. How can we make it visible? Very interesting.
4. I found “the google girl” very interesting. The fact that nobody would engage in dialog with her despite the fact that all see was talking about were topics that we people seem to have the most interest in. It showed that social life is much about appearances.
5. Our assignments consist of thing you can do with, to, in, and for a city. They teach us that the city communicates with us and that we can make it communicate to us. It’s a mutual process.
6. I enjoyed the dot walk. It was the assignment that was the most in the spirit of the “situationists”.

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