Ni Luh Rei Yamagishi

My name is Rei, I’m half Japanese and half Balinese (Indonesia).
I am currently studying at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, completing my Bachelor of International Communications and Media. I love Aarhus and I wish I could stay longer than just 1 semester. Aarhus have a very different vibe compare to Sydney, Bali or Tokyo. It's very warm and humble and I love the fact that everyday I get to meet new people, learn the language and also the culture.

I chose this class because it's different compare to any of the communication studies that I have ever took and it’s very interesting to know how the city changes the way we communicate and in what way we are communicating in/with the city.

Assignment 2 : Subjective Map

Here is my subjective map of second hand clothing shop.
I love vintage clothes and I have found 5 shops around the city!


Assignment 3
Hybrid Space

Hybrid Space

Today many of you may know or already use the “Smart Phone” mobiles. In this assignment I will use Blackberry as an example of a Hybrid space or a device that connect people to the Hybrid space. According to Adriana de Souza e Silvia, Hybrid space is “Mobile spaces, created by the constant movement of users who carry portable devices continuously connected to the Internet and to other users.”("From Cyber to Hybrid")


So why Blackberry? Blackberry is actually the device that links people to the Hybrid space. Blackberry could link us in many ways however I will start from the most iconic application in this device and it is called the Blackberry Messenger or BBM for short, where people from all over the world who use the Blackberry could actually talk to each other for free in a form of chat. However this service is only available when you are connected to the Internet and for Blackberry users only. Not Iphone or any other SmartPhones.

barcode bbm

To use the BBM application you must be first added on the contact list of the Black Berry owner, you can either ask for their PIN number or scan their barcode.
Unfortunately for those who doesn’t use BlackBerry wouldn’t be able to get the benefit of BBM but there is nothing to worry since BlackBerry also let you access to MSN messenger or even Skype when you need to talk/chat.

The Blackberry also provides you with more application such as Facebook where again you are given the link to be connected with people virtually, in your own space. All the notification will come straight to your phone and you don’t have to hassle yourself to log in through your computer, and yes you are literally carrying the people with you just by carrying your phone. Google Map application, this is also another application that can make your life so much easier especially when you are lost and don’t have any GPS machine around you.
Email will also come directly through your Blackberry and it is very convenient when you have to reply on something very quickly and long, it doesn’t cost you anything compare to texting.

In addition to that,when you happen to take pictures or video with your Blackberry and would like to immediately share it with your friends, you could just simply upload them on Facebook or if it is more private send it from your BBM.

The use of BlackBerry in here actually explains that today, it is actually harder not to go on the Internet and be online, we have gone from struggling to get online to struggling not to go online.”Hybrid spaces arise when virtual communities (chats, multiuser domains, and massively multi-player online role-playing games), previously enacted in what was conceptualized as cyberspace, migrate to physical spaces because of the use of mobile technologies as interfaces. (de Souza e Silva,"From Cyber to Hybrid")

Assignment 4 :

Unfortunately I could not make my Audio Stand work here.
So I have sent it to Lone.
It's in a form of a video and I took it when I was living in Sydney.

Communicating (in) the City experience:

1. What is our most memorable experience from this course? It could be with regards to readings, artworks and your assignments
The most memorable experience I had in this class would be the subjective map, not only I was able to show my favourite places in Aarhus, I also explored new places that I’ve never been to before or perhaps wouldn’t be able to explore if I wasn’t enforced to do.

2. Name the text that you liked the most (or that you learned most from) (or that provoked you the most). Why?
Reading by de Souza e Silva, Adriana (2006), “From Cyber to Hybrid: Mobile Technologies as Interfaces of Hybrid Spaces”, It made me aware of how strong the relationship between mobile technology and space are today, since the technology always develop very quickly I could never keep up. So using hybrid space as a concept is a good way to explain and make me aware of what is really happening in our invisible physical space and how mobile technology play a big role in our urban life.
I also liked another reading by R. Murray Schafer‘s “The Music of the Environment” makes me appreciate and pay more attention to the ’music of environment' now instead of just listening to my iPod all the time.

3. Name one of thing that you have learned from the readings (or which text did you like the most?) Why?
I liked Thibaud’s theory in “The sonic Composition of the city” when human’s perspective and ways of seeing visual landscape depend particularly upon the music they listen to. I think all of us unconsciously pay attention to different types of landscape depending on the music, but now it’s more obvious and I’m doing it with full awareness, sometimes I even set the mood of what I want to see myself when I listen to my iPod.

Also “A misguide to Anywhere” by Fiona Walkie Mis-Guide showed me how there are so many interesting ways you could explore places and that we don’t have to be told where to go anymore. Like the text by Wright and Sites said “Rather than telling you where to go and what to see, a Mis‐Guide gives you the ways to see your city or environment that no one else has found yet. A Mis‐Guide is both a forged passport to your 'other' city and a new way of travelling a very familiar one. “

4. Which artwork/artefact/performance presented in class did you liked the most (or provoked you the most). Why?
Flashmobs, I think it’s very creative, fun and some of them are very talented too. I also realized how this performance relates or even depend to the city so much. The fact that it’s only fun when you do it in front of many people and only have a big impact in the urban area or the cities.

5. What was you reply to the assignments? List them all and think about how to present them-as a whole- to the others; as a collection, what have they contributed with to this course?
The assignments as a whole collection are very useful, sharing opinion with other student and see from how other people look at the city is definitely a lesson to improve our creativity.

6. Which assignment do you find the most in line with the course content? Why?
.walk, because you can perform this task anywhere, anytime with anyone. You can explore any city at the same time the city reveals to you and communicate with you.

7. Which of your assignment replies would be most suited as a mis-guide. Why? What could be changed in order for it to become a better mis-guide?
.walk, because I did my mis-guide using symbolism and for some of the ‘symbol’ you could only find it here in Arhus or just Denmark (for example : Mormor) . I tried to make the mis-guide available to be used everywhere but sometimes it might be hard to find the street itself looking like an exhibition.
In order to make it a better mi-guide I used symbol that is rare and different that reveal the identity/personality of the city.

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