Rikke Martine Bruun Meyer

Assignment #1, My wiki-profile:
Myname is Rikke and I’m 24 years old, turning 25 in April. I live in Aalborg (a smaller city up north), which means I commute to the University to attend classes. My major is Art History at Århus University.
I am very interested in art, especially contemporary urban art like street art. I like walking through the big cities exploring the art, that brilliant artist have put there to make us rethink the city space. The city is a place of exploration, adventure, surprises and great fun. There is always something to do when you are in a city, even if you just want to enjoy a coffee at a café, you can sit there in peace watching the busy life go by. That is why I chose this class, the city offers so much inspiration and information and there is so many exciting aspects to explore if you bother looking for them.
Other interests are: of course hanging out with my friends, having a laugh, travelling, and when I have the time, I really love painting. The latter is probably what triggered my interest in the history of art. It’s brilliant that I can mix my hobby with my job later on, because art is my way of expression.
My keywords for the city: excitement, business, (great) art – both architectural, classic art (statues etc.) and contemporary.

Assignment #2
Here is my personal map of street art in the center of Århus.


Assignment #3 Hybrid Space

Assignment #4, audio stand. To be found on the FC conference.

Assignment #5, .walk.

Assignment #6 My misguide to Århus. Visual Pleasures in the City.


Assingment # 7 My CiC experience

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