Sam Likely

Reflecting on C(i)C

Assignment #6 - Misguide

Assignment #5 - City Walk

Assignment #4 - Soundscapes

Assignment #3 - Hybrid Space

Assignment #2 - Interpretive Mapping

Assignment #1 - Introduction

Hey guys, so a little about myself - I'm a 23 year old Environmental Studies student on a 5 month exchange from Ottawa, Canada. I really enjoy a good coffee in the morning, anything and everything hockey or soccer (football), discovering a new favourite band for the first time and trying new exotic foods. I'm looking forward to this course because the subject matter seems really cutting edge and is so different from anything I have previously studied. I have always been intrigued by the power and draw that big cities have on people and by the way they make us feel. Also, I'm am interested in urban environmentalism, urban sustainability and incorporating green spaces into the urban context.

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