Simon Warnich

Assignment # 1 - Presentation

I'm Born (February 9th, 1988) and raised in Aarhus, and Majoring in Comparative Literature (4th semester).

I Like cheeseburgers, beer, music (on the iPod, live and on the stereo), running and hanging out with my friends. I'm very passionate about Barcelona ( both the city and the football team). I don’t like Handball. My favorite season is spring and my favorite animal is a penguin. I prefer X-Box to Playstation. I don’t like the theatre, but love movies. I like political theory, but hate the way it is practiced. I’m very skeptical of experimental, performance and installation art. I like photo art, and Pop Art. My favorite book is Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, and my favorite author is Franz Kafka. My favorite movie is Pulp Fiction. I like big vibrant city’s, but am not very fond of Paris. And since this class is about the city I should probably mention that my favorite city is Buenos Aires.
I chose this course because it sounded really interesting, to explore how we communicate IN the city, which I hope will be the main focus since the part about communicating the city, doesn’t really appeal that much to me (but who knows, maybe it will…)


Assignment #2 - Subjective Map

Open Source (Map Hacking)
Map of resistance.



Assignment #3 - Hybrid Space (click to see more)


Assignment #4 - Audio-Stand

See First Class for the MP3 - file.
I did an Audio-Stand at Aarhus Stadium. I did it because AGFs (who is the local football team) nickname is "byens hold" (the citys team). Therefore I found the Stadium ideal, as it has the effect of a melting pot where every social group, gender, race etc. gather in the common goal of supporting the football team which symbolizes and represent the city of Aarhus.


Assignment #5 - .Walk

5b's .Walk (top) and Group 5a (bottom)


Assignment #6 - Mis-Guide to Aarhus


Click to get "the bigger picture"


Answers to the "experience of CiC” questions:

1) What is your most memorable experience from this course? It could be with regards to readings, artworks or your assignments.

Performing the .Walk.

2) Name the text that you liked the most (or that you learned most from)(or that provoked you the most). Why?

Why leave the city on holidays” by Gitte Marling. Why? Because I generally agree with the idea of spending holidays in citys (different ones than the ones you live in off course, but still), and I think it made some good points about what the city has to offer, and in what context.

3) Name one thing that you have learned from the readings (or, which text did you like the most). Why?

The text/reading I learned the most from was “From Cyber to Hybrid: Mobile technologies as interfaces of Hybrid Spaces”. Why? It brought up some points and theories, which I had not thought of (even though the text described everyday places), and were completely new to me; but at the same time interesting.

4) Which artwork/ artifact/ performance presented in class did you like the most (or provoked you the most). Why?

The .Walk. That was a surprisingly good way to experience the city, and even though I’ve lived in Aarhus for most of my life, I still managed to experience a part of the city, that I had never seen before.

5) What was your reply to the assignments? List them all and think about how to present them – as a whole – to the others; as a collection, what have they contributed to the course?

- Mandatory assignment 1: present yourself on the wiki

- Mandatory assignment 2: make a personal and subjective map of Århus

- Mandatory assignment 3: Find a place marked by hybrid space in one of the versions we’ve been through in this class on Hybrid Space. Explain in max 500 words how it is a hybrid space. Include quote(s) from one/several of the readings for today and/or next week (space-place) in your argument. Document the place in pictures, video and/or sound.

- Mandatory assignment 4: Make an “audio-stand”. Find a place that you like and communicate it to the rest of us in a soundbite

- Mandatory assignment 5: In groups of three: make and perform a .walk. Then swap your .walk description with another group and perform it. Document your own .walk performance on a map and document your performance of the other group’s .walk in four pictures.

In a whole I think the assignments has helped to form a sort of collage of all the different theories, artworks and projects we have been working with this semester. The different assignments but together is both of a theoretical and practical nature. There has been booth audio, writing, artistic and creative assignment and covers very different activities, but they somehow all serve the same purpose of describing the city in some way or another.

6) Which assignment do you find most in line with the course content? Why?

The audio-stand. Why? I think that, like the class, it is neither fish nor foul. It is something that fits into a lot of categories, but at the same time fit into no categories. Therefore I find it very much in line with the class.

7) Which of your assignment replies would be most suited a mis-guide? Why?

The .Walk. Why? Because it’ll force you to get a very different view on a city no matter where you are. Somewhere along the walk you will be forced to make a turn down a street where you have never been before; therefore literally mis-guiding you.

8) What could be changed in order for it to become a better mis-guide?

Depending whether it’s a mis-guide to a specific city or just a mis-guide, it can be changed to fit the purpose of mis-guiding in a know or unknown place.
Ex. “Go to a place in the city, where you hardly ever go, and begin your .walk from there”
I think that's what made the .walk interesting to me, it can be fitted to serve the degree of mis-guideing you are looking for.

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