Soyoon Byun

Assignment #1

Hi everyone,
My name is Soyoon Byun and I'm an exchange student from Seoul, South Korea. I am in my 4th year, 7th semester, at Sogang University.
I'm studying Korean Literature and Business and I've always wanted to go on an exchange student during univeristy, so I'm so glad that I came to Denmark as exchange student. I love to travel and meet new people. I really look forward to exciting semester.


Assignment #2
Here is my map :)


Assignment #3 - Find a place marked by hybrid space in one of the versions we’ve been through in this class on Hybrid Space. Explain in max 500 words how it is a hybrid space. Include quote(s) from one/several of the readings for today and/or next week (space-place) in your argument. Document the place in pictures, video and/or sound.


Rink :

Assignment #4
I uploaded my audio-stand on first class.
I recorded this file in super market, and it is the sound of carrying small cart.

Assignment #5

My group's performance: group-5a
Other group's performance: 5b-s-walk

Assignment #6


My own "communicating (in) the city" experience

1. My most memorable experience from this course is 'perform a .walk '.
2. That would be “From Cyber to Hybrid: Mobile Technologies as Interfaces of Hybrid Spaces”.
This is because I didn't know that how different between cyber place and hybrid place before reading this article, and I also interested in
hybrid space for it's huge infuence on people's life.
4. The artwork I like most is 'Subjective Map'. We present our own map in the class with layouting lap tops. Sharing other students' thinking and artwork was really good.

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