Assignment #3: Hybrid Space

A hybrid space can be defined as a space that is multi-functional and moulds the digital world with the physical world. I chose my desk in my bedroom as a hybrid space because it can be used for many purposes and when I am in this space I feel connected with the digital world. As shown in the video, I use my desk for practical things such as a table, a place to drink coffee, an office for schoolwork, a storage area, and place for safety in case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Also I use my desk for relaxing activities like reading a novel, listening to music, sleeping and as a studio for drawing. Whatever activity I happen to be doing at my desk, I still have the ability to feel connected to others without having to leave my room. Adiana explains this well in the quote, "Without the traditional distinction between physical and digital spaces, a hybrid space occurs when one no longer needs to go out of physical space to get in touch with digital environments." (de Souza et al., p.4) At my desk I can both experience the physical components of it as well and be in contact with the digital world via my laptop computer.

The song "Don't Panic" by Coldplay in my video is about how we live in a beautiful world and I used it to highlight how individuals have become so immersed with technology that they forget about their physical surroundings. Haque depicts this well in the quote: "Wireless technologies in particular have challenged our relationship to designed space because they encourage us to think not of static silent structures that surround us but rather of fluid dynamic fields beyond the edge of our natural perceptions, fields within which we are all consumers and all contributers." (Haque, p.1) I also thought the title was fitting because myself included when most of us are disconnected to the digital world we 'panic' because we can't contact people with our mobile phone or access Google maps because if we are lost. Although I feel these wonderful new inventions are wonderful I hope people are still able to appreciate nature and their physical environment.


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